A Helping Hand: Frasca’s Steel Expands Workforce

Published on 06 August 2020

Frascas Steel

A local steel distributor is helping a number of keen workers with intellectual disabilities gain valuable skills and the opportunity for secure and permanent employment.

Frasca’s Belting, Steel & Engineering have been fortunate to experience solid business growth in recent months, resulting in the expansion in its workforce.

Frasca’s Sales Specialist, Ethan Fitzgerald said it has been incredibly rewarding to witness his workers grow every day and learn practical skills.

“Being part of a small community, it’s important to make everyone feel welcome.

It’s nice to see how loyal and enthusiastic these workers are towards their jobs and how grateful they are for the opportunity,” said Mr Fitzgerald.

Being an essential industry, Frasca’s has been “business as usual” this year, with the exception of staggered lunch breaks and social distancing in light of the pandemic.

“We were fortunate enough to actually experience growth during the pandemic, so it’s been especially nice to provide locals with job security and support during these uncertain times,” said Mr Fitzgerald.

Mayor of Rural City of Wangaratta, Dean Rees is proud to have businesses such as Frasca’s embracing workers from diverse backgrounds and levels of abilities, particularly at a time when there has been so much employment uncertainty across Victoria.

“We pride ourselves on being an inclusive, welcoming community for all walks of life and it’s great to see a thriving local business giving all workers the best chance to succeed and contribute to our wonderful community,” said Mr Rees.