Manufacturing is by far the largest economic industry of the Rural City of Wangaratta in terms of exports and outputs. Local manufacturing generates around $830 million per annum and directly employs over 1,250 people. The sector remains resilient through technical advances, innovative thinking, government growth programs and tax incentives.

A highly skilled and capable workforce is available due to the diversity of the local manufacturing industry encompassing aviation products, heavy machinery, defence, chemicals and plastics, fabricated metals, textiles clothing, wood products and construction, and beverage and food processing.

The region provides opportunities for the expansion of manufacturing with access to affordable large acre allotments, serviced industrial estates and easy transport access by road and nearby rail services. 

Wangaratta’s position and close proximity to the Hume Freeway ensures overnight freight to both Melbourne and Sydney.  


  • Approximately 160 hectares of industrial land
  • Existing infrastructure and services (electricity, gas, water, communications)
  • B Double compliant road infrastructure
  • Effluent accepted by local authority
  • Ground levels on estates are flat providing easy building conditions