Economic Overview

The Rural City of Wangaratta is home to over 29,000 residents and provides employment for around 13,000 workers. Wangaratta provides great liveability combined with opportunities for businesses to grow.


The municipality is truly diverse. As the start of Victoria’s high country, Wangaratta is a tourist haven with an enviable food and wine offering, a multitude of tracks and trails to be explored and activities for those seeking adventure or a place to unwind.


Extensive waterways provide a stunning natural environment, important resources for agriculture as well as numerous recreational opportunities. Productive agricultural land is also a feature which is key to sustaining this unique food and wine region.


Key national road and rail routes pass through Wangaratta which provides exceptional access for the transport of goods and people. Wangaratta incorporates both the Hume Freeway and the North Eastern Railway Line, both critical links between Melbourne and Sydney.


While Wangaratta’s traditional manufacturing base remains a key economic driver, other sectors of the economy are becoming increasingly important and supporting a more diverse economy.


Healthcare, education and administrative services are growing and providing additional local employment.  Property services and construction have also been expanding and are major contributors to regional wealth.


With a growing population, diverse economic base, thriving tourism sector and stunning natural environment, the Rural City of Wangaratta will continue to deliver business, lifestyle and investment opportunities into the future.


Economic Profile

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